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Jepara's Furniture Warehouses were Forced to take a Break Because of Covid19

The condition of the spread of the corona virus or Covid19 in Jepara Regency is increasingly worrying. This situation makes furniture warehouses forced to lay off employees. The aim is to minimize the spread of the pandemic. Thousands of employees are temporarily unemployed.

Muhammad Sahal, a staff in one of the furniture warehouses in Bangsri Subdistrict, said that from today until the next week, his leadership dismissed all employees. Even though there was no instruction from the government to take the day off, it still took the initiative to take a time off.

"Seeing the situation increasingly worrisome. It's not possible if our permanent employees ask to come to work, "Sahal Said.

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On the other hand, said Sahal, his party could not send furniture because the export destination country had a lockdown. Especially countries in the European continent. In fact, it was reported earlier, the number of decreases in orders in a number of countries had decreased to 100 percent.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Samsul Huda, one of the employees at the furniture warehouse said he was confused if he could not work. Because, he has no other job than to be a carpenter in the warehouse.

"if we don't work, what we will fulfill needs. But we understand the intention of our boss to stop employees, "he said.

Responding to this, Head of the Cooperative, UMKM, Manpower and Transmigration Office (Diskopukmnakertrans) Eriza Rudi Yulianto admitted that the current situation was indeed complicated. Especially for companies and employees. However, until now it has not instructed anything to dismiss the company.

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"The situation is very complicated. It's impossible if it's closed. If it's closed, where can they eat? " said Eriza.

Nevertheless, until now there have been a number of companies, especially in the furniture sector that have coordinated with him regarding employee holidays. Based on incoming data, there have been seven companies that confirmed about the holiday.

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Among others, PT. Jiwaquest (dismissed part of the employees and part-time work), PT Baroco (divided by two teams, the first team entered 3 days, then off and continued the second team entered 3 days, and replaced until an undetermined time), PT Jodya Wood Furniture (employee partial holiday), PT. Kota Woodcraft Furniture divides into 2 work teams. Team 1 enters 3 working days then off, Second team enters work when Team 1 takes off for the next 3 days, alternating continuously until an unspecified time limit.

"We always monitor companies. If you want to take the day off, employees usually coordinate with us first, "explained Eriza.

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