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Types of Tables For Minimalist Living Room

Every home always has functional furniture. For example in the bedroom, the existence of a mattress is very important to form the mood of the room. Likewise the living room, living room furniture is an important element needed to shape the mood, such as a guest table. With the popularity of contemporary home designs and models, some home furnishings will adjust. For example, a minimalist guest table that has a simple shape but has an important influence on the appearance of the living room.

Here is a living room model with a contemporary guest table:

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Glass Table

Glass table combined with teak wood with simple legs will be very suitable and support the minimalist home interior design or simple house. With a glass table surface, the display will not be hindered much by the table itself, so the room will look more spacious.

This table is also suitable and easy to integrate with a chair or colored sofa. The living room which has a luxurious and elegant appearance will be very suitable with the uniqueness of this table. Glass table that reflects the shadows of objects on it will make your guest table not boring.

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Teak Wood Table

If you want to have a rustic living room but still have a minimalist impression, of course, teak wood table is the main choice. Because wooden tables are a favorite for minimalist style furniture, the shape is also diverse. By utilizing pieces of the corners of the square, the wooden table will look more supportive of the minimalist atmosphere in the room. If you still want to look rustic but still minimalist, just add a fur rug under the table. With a wooden table in the living room, it will build an elegant feel but still simple for the home.

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Granite Table

The impression of an elegant minimalist is always associated with solid elements, such as granite. Besides being used for the floor, granite can also be used as a table. Despite having a very heavy burden, this granite countertop can be one alternative furniture that can add a touch of aesthetic space. Coupled with futuristic designs and colors, it will make your living room more attractive. The marbel colors on the table vary but are still in harmony with the minimalist concept that will surely make your living room more luxurious.

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