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How to make money on the manufacture of decorative soap

How to make money on the manufacture of decorative soap

Most girls have certain hobbies, some also have creative abilities, as well as a rich imagination ...

And how can these three components be connected so that they also bring money? The answer is very simple: you need to do something with your own hands and sell it.

For example, you can take the now fashionable women's hobby - the manufacture of decorative soap. This is a great business for housewives with a fantasy.

Such production requires a minimum of costs and will bring great pleasure to the skilled worker.

Decorative handmade soap is truly a masterpiece not only beautiful, but also useful. Making decorative soap has become quite a fashionable hobby for many women. Since this is a very interesting activity for girls with great imagination and creativity.

And besides all that, this hobby can bring money in addition to pleasure. If you let your imagination wander, you can prepare such miracles of soap art that will be sold out in great demand and make good capital in this business.

Oddly enough for this production you will not need any special room, nor chemicals or any unusual components. You can prepare decorative soap at home in your kitchen.

The main component is any odorless soap, and the rest depends only on your imagination. Basically, natural ingredients such as aromatic oils, coffee, herbs, fruits, tea, chocolate, etc. are added to the soap to give a beautiful appearance and an attractive smell.

Anything from a plastic yoghurt cup to molds for a child's side dish can serve as a form for it. From all this it follows that the cash investment for this production will be minimal.

In addition, anyone who thinks that the sale of soap will require the conclusion of the sanitary epidemiological station and other papers, he is mistaken. This is a decorative soap, that is, not intended for washing, so all this hassle is absolutely not necessary.

To begin your creative process of making decorative soap, you first need to melt the soap base in a water bath, and only then add everything your heart desires.

Then all the resulting good decomposed into molds and allow to cool. It is better to pre-lubricate the form with some kind of oil so that later the soap can easily move away from the edges.

The resulting soap must be beautifully packaged and now the product is ready for sale. The average price of a decorative soap in Russia is 300 rubles per 100 g piece. So success to you in this creative business ...

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