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Teak Furniture From Traditional Handicrafts South Sumatra

South Sumatra has been known for its traditional handicrafts such as weaving, wicker, wood carving, ceramics and metal crafts. For generations, this craft art has not changed much. This is because most of these products are used as equipment in traditional ceremonies.

In the tradition of decorating traditional houses using wood carvings. This woodcarving art produces not only home décor, but also furniture. The characteristic of South Sumatra woodcarving art, especially Palembang, is its density and advantages of decoration with invisibility techniques using plant motifs with symbolism. The decorative impression is more striking due to the application of different colors to the décor. The most popular colors are gold and red (lac) coatings.

The products are produced and then produced to be marketed to overseas handicrafts such as rattan furniture, chairs, beds, lampshades, bookshelves, sideboards, and others. 

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