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Antique Furniture History

Antique Furniture History

Antique furniture history mirrors the history of the different nations on the whole. Various wars, travels, discoveries influenced on the development of the antique furniture history. So, for example, Chinese antique furniture tendencies have become very popular due to the Europeans who visited these countries and brought everything exotic and unusual into their lives.

Korean and Japan antique furniture are not so popular as the Chinese pieces of furniture. By the way, the Oriental antique furniture has its own symbols, so you should be attentive while choosing it.

The English antique furniture history may be divided into a lot of different styles. The English Renaissance is the earliest period of the English antique furniture history, which presents Tudor style. This style represents the influence of foreign countries on the art of England.

Baroque is known for the Restoration period in the English antique furniture history. The Age of Oak antique furniture finished, and walnut and mahogany have become the basic material for creating new pieces of furniture. But the most part of the furniture which are made of these wood doesn't “live” till our days, because of the wood worms.

Oak is on the contrary is very durable material and we may admire the pieces of art which are made of this wood. Though the original pieces of furniture which are made of mahogany is rather expensive than one which is made of oak.

The other very interesting period in the antique furniture history is the time of Regency (1800-1820). This style represents the mixture of different exotic and classical styles. So you may find the decorating motif of Greek and Roman cultures as well as Egyptian or Chinese arts. 

Different ornaments and carvings of mythological gods, sphinxes, lions, cranes, turtles and many other. All these decoration symbolize different important things in the life of human, but as usual people don't pay attention on such things and even don't know the meaning of these carvings.

Nowadays the original pieces of furniture may cost a lot of money. Someone may ask why all these things cost so much? After all it is just things... But the demand and supply are interrelated, that's all.

So you've read about antique furniture history. As they say, knowledge equals power, so continue to read information on office antique furniture history until you feel you are adequately educated on the subject.

English Antique Furniture - Adore Elegance?

Perhaps, all of us want to live in a flat of his dreams, where everything resembles you about the great times of nobles, knights and conquerors. The other people, on the contrary, will find calmness and inspiration in such interior. Nowadays the market of English antique furniture is rather large and you may purchase the reproductions as well as the originals. The matter only in a sum of money, you are going to spend on it.

English antique furniture include a lot of different sub styles, such as Tudor, Jacobean, Cromwellian, Early Georgian, Regency, William IV and Victorian. All of them are unique and offer you to admire the beauty and elegance of the things which are made by a human. Tudor (1558-1603) is considered to be the style of oak. In other words, all the English antique furniture of this period are made of this wood. Oak is quite heavy and hard wood, so it is not so easy to carve it. On the other hand, the oak antique furniture are durable.

During the period of the Jacobean style (1603-1649), the craftsmen started to use walnut. The most part of English antique furniture which are made of this wood was destroyed by woodworm. But still the walnut furniture is more expensive than oak one.

Cromwellian style of English antique furniture (1649-1660) brought turning on chair and table legs, and also seats of chairs were made of leather. It was something new for the office antique furniture and these features have remained popular till our days.

The other style, we are going to talk about is Regency (1800-1820). This style is a combination of three other styles: Greek and Roman, Egyptian and Chinese. English antique furniture of that period is distinguished by the ornaments and carvings of mythological gods, the lion's-paw foot, sphinxes, crocodiles, and many other.

These antique bedroom furniture are usually made of mahogany as well as from the other materials, have bronze decorations. At this period the craftsmen began to produce small chairs, which are very popular now.

Probably, it is not so easy to distinguish all the styles of English antique furniture if you just have started to choose the most appropriate for you. So, notwithstanding the style you choose, the basic criterion is the individuality and comfort.

Antique Furniture Defined Terms

Notwithstanding all the modern furniture and fashionable tendencies, antique furniture have remained popular till our days. Some people just adore classics, the others prefer traditional quality of these pieces of furniture. But sometimes even people who seem to know everything about antique furniture can't define some styles or even the pieces of furniture. So, we try to explain you what some antique furniture terminology means.

First of all, let's find out, do you know the difference between a buffet and a sideboard? Well, perhaps, we may say that these pieces of furniture are the same thing. Just buffet is a French define, while sideboard is considered to be bigger. But they both are used for the same purpose: to keep dishes and bring something agreeable to your apartment. 

These pieces of antique furniture remind you about the times of your childhood, when you spent your holiday with your grandmother. By the way, it is very convenient to serve food on the flat surface and admire yourself in a large mirror, which as usual is attached to back side of these pieces of antique furniture. The other distinguished features of these antique furniture depend on the period and style of its manufacturing.

What should you do if a seller ask you whether you want a highboy, a chiffonier or a chest of drawers? First of all, don't think that these things are really something unusual for you. All these pieces of antique furniture mean a simple chest of draws. The only difference is that a highboy is a tall chest with legs, and a chiffonier is a narrow wardrobe, which also may have a mirror. Perhaps, these pieces of antique furniture is considered to be the most popular among the buyers.

The other popular piece of antique bedroom furniture is an armoire. It was created in medieval times, in order to store armor, and nowadays it may be used for every room in the house. The armoir adds more space for your room, because you will be able to keep all the things in it. By the way, these piece of oak antique furniture with decorating carvings, add elegance and nobility to your room.

Country Antique Furniture For Romantics

Who has never dreamed to live in a quiet place, where everybody is glad to see you, when the life is colorful and brings something new every day? I suppose, it is a dream of all of us, but everybody imaging it in his own way. Someone adores everything new and exotic, the other prefers to return to the times of his childhood or just surround himself with the things, which resembles him about it.

Perhaps, in the time of technological advance our life has become faster and we need a place where we will be able to rest, find a calmness and inspiration for the next day. Country antique furniture just offer you to return to the world of dreams and imperturbability. Create your own homey nook where you will be eager to return after a busy working day. The place where everything seems so clear and reasonable and you just may be yourself.

Nowadays the market of country antique furniture is very large, so you may choose among the great variety of propositions. All you need is to imagine the room or a flat of your dream and to look for the pieces of furniture of this style. Of course, the original pieces of country antique furniture may be quite expensive, so we offer you to look for their reproductions.

Perhaps, the most popular is antique dining room furniture. It offers you to choose among the great variety of buffets, sideboards, tables and chairs. Just imagine: a cosy room where the whole family may gather and discuss the past day or just to “meet” the week end. All these pieces of country antique furniture bring something that make our life more quiet, home and multifarious. Just add beauty to your world.

To learn more about country antique furniture, search our site. If you have found our database of information on antique oak furniture useful, read some of our other topics as well.

Asian Antique Furniture Review

Nowadays our life seems to be faster and there are so few places left where we are able to relax and forget about all the troubles. The house has remained our private place for many centuries, the place where we find the inspiration for the following fulfillments, our nook where we are eager to return every day. We try to surround ourselves with our favorite things which bring us a good mood and creativity.

If you adore everything exotic and want to add something unusual to your life we offer you to purchase Asian antique furniture. The pieces of furniture of this style may be used for decorating a wonderful bedroom, an office or a dining room. The simple lines and interesting carvings add something new and luxurious to your décor.

By the way, Asian antique furniture is distinguished by the symbolism. For example, different turtles, butterflies and cranes are not just the details of Asian antique furniture, which are used for visual effect. So, while you are choosing Asian antique furniture, pay attention that the fish symbolize fertility, a crane symbolize a long life and the quantity of the loops on the door is associated with the number of children, but if you arrange these loops in the form of bird's tail, it will symbolize success.

It seems that the Asian antique furniture contains songs of sunlight, earth, and rain. All seems to be so harmonious and reasonable. In comparison with antique Victorian furniture, this style seems to be so simple and fairy-tail at the same time. All these antique office furniture bring something new and luxurious to your working day, establish vitality and power.

Nowadays wood remain to be the most popular and ecological clean material. So, the furniture which are made of it is considered to be the most popular among rich people and just those who appreciate everything beautiful and interesting.

Antique French Furniture Review

Perhaps, antique french furniture offer you all the above mentioned advantages. Elegance and harmony are the basic tendencies of this style. It is very interesting to study all the styles of the antique french furniture and choose the favourite one... or two. We may reassure you that there are a lot of different styles, so it will be not so easy to choose, but at the same time it is so amazing and interesting to look through all these catalogues.

You will be confused about the variety of antique french furniture styles, which include the models of Renaissance, Louis XV and Napoleon III. But notwithstanding all these variety, you should follow one main rule – comfort. So, create your own world of dreams and don't pay attention on different fashionable tendencies.

Antique french furniture are made in a wide range of woods. So you are able to find the models which are made of cherry, chestnut, walnut and oak antique french furniture. The wood is considered to be high quality material for any furniture, you are going to choose. It is considered to be the most durable and ecological clean material. By the way, this style of furniture in comparison with others is one of the most expensive and luxurious.

You may create an interior of your bedroom or buy only antique french furniture for your office. All these things bring comfort and inspiration to your life. But we should mention you that as usual the antique furniture care differs from the care for the ordinary modern models. So, pay attention, while buying these type of furniture, that there will be no insects or scratches.

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