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5 Types of Raw Material Furniture

On this occasion we want to discuss the type of raw material of furniture. Broadly speaking, the raw material is divided into two: the solid wood and wood processing. Which includes processed wood is p lywood, blockboard, multi-density fireboard (MDF) and particle board.

In the manufacture of furniture or buy furniture so the selection of raw materials greatly affect the overall price of furniture. Certainly here apply the principle that price is not a lie. The more expensive the price of raw materials, the stronger and the better the quality.

Below we explain the types of raw materials based on the level of quality furniture. Type – the type comprising

1. Solid wood

Solid wood furniture is a raw material which is the raw material of the strongest compared to wood, but due to the growing volume and considerable time and penebangna trees that cause disproportionate solid wood is limited and quite expensive than wood.

2. Plywood (plywood)

Plywood is a wood processing factory which is based on layers – layers of wood stacked multi – layered. So-calledplywood with plywood.

Layer – a layer of wood is glued together with uric diseleraskan angle to produce a strong product. To prevent curling(warping) plywood usually arranged in an odd number. Preparation of an even number of layers is believed to create a board that easily distorted so unstable.

Plywood is composed of three layers commonly called a triplex (three-ply), 5 layers (five-ply), 7 layers (seven-ply) and 9 layers (nine-ply). 5 layers, and the rest are called multiplex or multiply.

Currently plywood comes in a choice of thicknesses ranging from 0.8 mm to 25 mm with a quality that is also diverse.

Plywood is a common ingredient that is often used in the manufacture of furniture, especially for furniture in the room that is shielded from the sun and rain.

Because of better quality than other wood, it is more expensive than others.

3. Blockbord

Blockboard is made ​​from a collection of small pieces of wood measuring about 2.5 – 5 cm compacted by machine and given a coating of veneer (venner) on both sides so that a sheet that resembles the board.3.Blockboard

The thickness can be 12 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm and the same breadth with plywood.

One well-known type of blockboard is teakblock (some call blockteak). Wood is basically the same as blockboard. The difference lies in the upper layer, wherein teakblock having an additional one more layer of coating teak veneer.

4. Medium Density fireboard (MDF)

MDF is made is made of fine powder and chemical resin bonded and compacted. Wood used is usually taken from leftover wood or bamboo plantation. This makes it more environmentally friendly MDF, shaped in the form of boards or sheets. MDF price is slightly cheaper than plywood.

5. Particle board

Particle board is made ​​from residual particles such as sawdust and wood work, small pieces of wood, wood chips and chemicals resin bonded with high pressure and then dried.

The process is more or less similar with only MDF MDF material finer and more uniform particle board, while rough and irregular.

Particle board is a raw material that is highly susceptible to water because of this kind of raw material made ​​from wood chips and have pores – pores large enough to easily absorb water. In addition, particle board furniture with materials also tend to be unable to support the charge with a heavy burden. If the excessive burden of this timber will be curved.

Thus the explanation type of furniture raw materials may be useful for all of us in ordering furniture customize or buy furniture that is so. Any comments or questions please use the comments field.

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