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2 Teakwood Drawer Recomendations For Your Home

Sideboards are often used in every home to store, display, and even divide space. The various functions of the sideboard also make sideboard products excellent as space fillers in new homes or adding furniture to old homes. 

This modern teak sideboard of drawers comes with a minimalist and classic design so you can use this sideboard model as a complement to your space. Lagom Home Store together with Indonesian craftsmen comes with a minimalist concept but still elegant and functional, here are 2 recommendations for a teak drawer sideboard for your residence:

1. Sideboard with 4 Uniform Drawers and 2 Round Handle Drawers

The use of a sideboard in a certain area is usually based on individual needs, but have you found the right sideboard for your space? This sideboard might be your choice, designed with 4 functional uniform drawers and equipped with ergonomic drawer handles that make it easier for you to pull out the drawers. The top drawer is equipped with 2 handles, making it easier for you to pull it. Regarding quality, we prioritize it, made using solid teak wood so that it will be stronger and last longer.

2. Sideboard with 6 Drawers and 2 Round Handle Drawers

Your Voyer area looks very empty? We recommend a sideboard with 6 uniform storage and 2 storage above this. You can use it to store your things and put displays on it. Designed neatly and uniquely so that it is suitable to be placed in the cruiser area or in a room or living room. We also recommend placing it in the corner of the room. The square shape with high legs also makes it easier for you to clean up your space. Made using solid teak wood material so you don't need to doubt its durability and strength.

So have you matched the two sideboards to your room? You can mix and match the 2 teak wood drawer sideboard recommendations with various other beautiful furniture, we also have a variety of other furniture collections to mix and match. Starting from bed frames, wardrobes, even shoe racks and coffee tables. If you are interested in a minimalist design and slick solid teak material, you can see our collection through our official website or through our official merchant at Tokopedia with the shop name Lagom Home Store.

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