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Decorates the London Telephone Box Cabinet

At the top there is a logo of a king, which is a crown icon that decorates the london telephone box cabinet. The material used on the king's icon uses brass made specifically by craftsmen, so the london box cabinets look luxurious and elegant. But usually there is also no king icon. But it will be more luxurious if there is such ornamentation.

The price offered varies, but the standard price with a size of 80x80x220 cm is priced at around $250 to $350. This price does not include postage to your place. The process of making London telephone box cabinets is usually around 2 weeks already completed with a note if the weather is good for drying the London telephone box cabinets.

The material made is mahogany or can also use teak wood, which is made by craftsmen of Jepara. The craftsmen in Jepara merupkan place to make london telephone box cabinets. But now many are making this miniature as closely as possible which is used as a display at home or in a place that becomes hits when there is this London telephone cabinet.

Until now, many Jepara craftsmen have begun to receive orders for this miniature model of English telephone box cabinets as displays or decorations at home. Besides the London telephone box cabinets in addition to being decoration can also be used as a place for display which is given a shelf that is made to put decorations such as flower pots or the other so it is interesting to be used as a display at your home.

In this era, there is a lot of historical evidence which has now become hits, and is no exception with a place that is identical to the UK. Namely london telephone box cabinets. Or often also called the English telephone box cabinets because of the UK. Many people like to take pictures or just take pictures to make it look hits in this place. because the architect and the model are good to be a place to take pictures.

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