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Top Luxury Wooden Cars in the world of Furniture

Technological sophistication and the tendency to live efficiently make today's car manufacturers use metal, plate, iron, or carbon fiber materials to make supercar cars. However, there are some people who make cars as strange, unique, and of high artistic value. This unique car functions as an ordinary car, but the whole body is made of wood.
Mercedes Benz Vision GT сlay model
Japanese company Sada-Kenbi managed to create a unique car made of wood. The car called Maniwa was a handmade car from a professional wooden craftsman. Maniwa can be driven like an ordinary car and can go up to speeds of 80 km / hour. It has a motorcycle handlebar (not a steering wheel), Maniwa has a stereo set and cool Lamboo wooden doors.
This sports wooden car only has one seat in front, but can carry two passengers on the wooden bench behind it. This unique car is priced at 40,000 US dollars.

While in Ukraine, Vasily Lazarenko tried to make something else and high artistic value. When I first thought of the parts of the car, Vasily found the idea to make a car made of wood. And the effort turned out to be successful.

In the city where he lived in Chernovtsny, Ukraine, Vasily took one and a half years to unite a unique vehicle, convertable, luxurious saloon, and wrap it all with oak (oak).

Vasily said that he was willing to sell the unique car if the buyer was able to offer as much as the cost of the next creative project.

An artist from Venice, the city of romantic water in Italy creates replica cars of famous brands such as Ferrari F50, Volkswagen, and others that can float on the city's canals.
Livio de Marci
Uniquely, the cars are made of wood. The entire body, chair, dashboard, to the curves of each part of the car are made as closely as possible to the original brand.

The wooden car was born from the hands of a great artist, Livio de Marci. He can create everything similar to the original form of wood. Not surprisingly, de Marci is often dubbed "The Wood man."

De Marci's handwork is not only Ferrari and Volkswagen cars, he also makes Vespa, household furniture, bookshelves, dolls, sofas, basically everything he can carve with his skilled hands.

De Marci is like Gepetto - a fairy tale creator of Pinocchio - in the real world. He has been interested in sculpture since childhood. His great talent brought Marci to study at the Accademia at Belle Arti. In this school, he learned to sculpt marble, bronze, until finally choosing wood as a medium to pour out his artistic desires.

His name became popular after in 1990 he published the book House of Books. As written by odditycentral, in the book, the work of De Marci makes various wooden furniture. Ranging from shelves, tables, plates, cutlery, tablecloths, sofas, wardrobes and clothes, even clotheslines with clothes that are being dried, all made of wood.

In 1997 De Marci's work began to expand into the automotive world. He made a Mercedes Seagull and two years later made a Volkswagen Beetle.

In Boyolali, Central Java, there are super cars made of wood, but they are only replicas. Well, in the United States there are also super cars from wood. The difference is, the car has a Ferrari equivalent engine.
Splinter - Ferrari Car
The super car called Splinter was built by Joe Harmon and his colleagues from North Carolina University. He claimed that the exotic car was inspired by Havilland Mosquito aircraft from the World War II era.

Like a Ferrari car, Splinter also has an aerodynamic design. Except for windows and front and rear lights, all components of the Splinter body are made of wood.

Even Joe also uses wood to make suspensions, rims, steering mechanisms, and the Splinter chassis. But still there are some parts that must use metal, one of which is the braking component.

"From childhood I dreamed of being able to build my own car. Whereas I chose the wood element so that this project was more interesting and challenging. I'm glad the results don't disappoint, "Joe said.

Although it looks calm when viewed from the outside, Splinter's performance cannot be underestimated. Unmitigated, Joe buried a 7,000 cc mini block V8 engine made of aluminum. The engine is claimed to be capable of spraying power up to 700 hp.

On paper, the power is the same as that of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta super car. But because the Splinter chassis is made of wood, it looks like the car that spends a long time making up to five years won't be driven at high speed.

Toyota tried to make Wooden Cars in imaginative products and unique looks that they named Setsuna. The program from the Salone del Mobile, which includes design, design, and furniture.

Toyota Setsuna comes with a design that is almost entirely made of wood. By taking the style of the Roadster, the concept of this car was specifically worked by Toyota in collaboration with Sumitomo Forestry in determining and choosing the type of wood to be used.

Kenji Tsuji and his team oversee the project, using traditional Japanese techniques called Okuriari. Namely a technique that combines objects without using screws or nails.

In addition to using wood, several detail corners of Setsuna are wrapped in aluminum, such as in the steering wheel, seat frame, rim, and a number of visual details to create the impression of neat contrast with the wood structure.

Setsuna's design reveals a beautiful curve that is reminiscent of the shape of the boat. We also want the viewer to imagine how Setsuna will gradually develop complex and unique characters over the years.

Toyota said the decision to use wood for its body because the material is durable but will change over time.

The name Setsuna is taken from a Japanese word meaning "moment" so that this car reflects Toyota's efforts to give shape to the relationship between humans and their cars. This symbolizes how the car has undergone gradual transformation over the years, as if absorbing the aspirations, memories, and emotions of several generations in a family

Setsuna is powered by a single electric motor, with 6 12-volt batteries, to travel 16 miles (25 kilometers), with a maximum speed of up to 28 mph (45 km / h).

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