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How to Decorate a Wall: 10 creative ideas

If you are bored with compositions from paintings and photographs within the framework, pay attention to these original wall decoration options for different rooms.


Instead of paintings and posters on the wall, you can hang several small mirrors in frames of any one material - for example, wood. Shapes and sizes of mirrors may vary.


Instead of cluttering your kitchen with cupboards, leave one of the walls for a collection of plates free. They can be of different sizes and colors, with a large ornament or small - it all depends on your imagination. Such a colorful panel will definitely not go unnoticed!


The jute rug that you are used to seeing in the hallway may well migrate to the wall in your bedroom. Such an original decoration will add comfort to the room. A great way to accent the head of the bed.


We suggest remembering electric garlands not only on holidays. A great place for this decor is the wall above the bed. You get a cozy sleeping place where you can forget about stress forever. If you want to hang your lights in the kitchen, you can decorate the sideboard with a garland or fix the bulbs on the wall with carnations.


The next time you go on a trip to the hot lands, be sure to bring a straw hat with wide brim as a souvenir. Better not one, but several. Upon your return, hang your hats on the wall in the bedroom: they will remind you of relaxation and evoke positive emotions. A great alternative to bored posters and framed photographs.


To save space in the hallway, the console can be replaced with a narrow shelf, which is convenient to fold keys, put figurines, candles, vases and favorite little things. It is proposed that a mirror, which can not be dispensed with in the lobby, be hung directly above it.


Wicker picnic baskets, fruit dishes and beach bags, which we usually use in the summer, can serve as an original element of decor throughout the year. They will look especially impressive against the background of white painted walls. Wicker baskets can be stored in the bedroom. In the hallway, these summer accessories (provided that you have a spacious dressing room) will create a holiday mood and remind you that summer is just around the corner.

8. CUP

Green walls are the current trend in decor. There are a lot of options: a herbarium on the wall (open or under glass), all kinds of hanging tubs, planters and pots for plants on special mounts, as well as complex engineering structures with an integrated irrigation system.


Manual labor never goes out of style. Author panels created using the technique of nodular weaving will look actual in the design of the living room or bedroom. You can use one product or combine several on one wall.


Use your ingenuity - the basis for the original wall decor can be the most ordinary bed rails on which a mattress rests. It is easy to fasten hooks and clips on wooden crossbeams for various things useful in the household. You can also hang lamps and sections for magazines and newspapers here.

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