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Endangered, Furniture in Jepara is RARE Carpenters

Lately, many Jepara furniture entrepreneurs have complained, since many large industries have entered the region, including Jepara, not a few Jepara furniture industry workers have moved to big factories to work there.

With the lure of a salary according to the Jepara regency/city minimum wage which reaches 2.1 million per month, many Jepara furniture craftsmen now choose to work in garment factories. The reason is that working in a garment factory is more comfortable because it does not mix with wood dust and the salary is fixed. As a result, now the Jepara furniture entrepreneurs lack of manpower.

One of the Jepara furniture entrepreneurs, Mr. Fais Ulin Nuha, the owner of CV. Yasmine Furniture revealed that the move of Jepara furniture craftsmen to the garment industry was very detrimental, because it could have a bad impact on the future of the Jepara furniture industry. Because most of the craftsmen who migrated to the garment industry are young seeds of the future of the Jepara furniture industry, if there is no successor to the furniture industry in Jepara, I am worried about the continuity of furniture production in Jepara," said Mr. Fais.

In Jepara district itself, many small furniture business actors have started to go out of business, how can they not? The main materials for furniture production, such as teak wood, have started to move and the price is increasing every year. Now added with the steps of craftsmen who want to work again as wood carvers.

Yesterday I had the chance to meet a furniture businessman in Jepara who is no longer producing furniture. he said, from 2019 to 2021 the furniture business is a very difficult challenge. we as a small business that wants to maintain the furniture industry is faced with many challenges. starting from teak which is now not the same as it used to be, now teak is very expensive and sometimes many are in holes.

Now added with the movement of furniture carvers who migrated to the garment industry. Just imagine, we small entrepreneurs with mediocre capital are confused about managing financial management, now even craftsmen don't have any. said one furniture entrepreneur.

The problem of labor in furniture craft is now a serious problem for furniture entrepreneurs in Jepara. They find it difficult to develop their business which has been pioneered for years due to not having furniture craftsmen, as a result many small entrepreneurs are out of business and the furniture industry in Jepara is threatened with extinction.

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