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East Luwu IKM Center Training Involving Yogyakarta Furniture and Handycraft Expert Team

Regent Appreciates East Luwu IKM Center Training Involving Yogyakarta Furniture and Handycraft Expert Team.

The East Luwu Regency Government (Pemkab) through the Office of Transmigration, Manpower and Industry (Transnakerin) again conducted training for 15 prospective Small and Medium Industry (IKM) players, Tuesday (31/08/2021)

The training for business actors who were envoys from the Solata IKM Center, Angkona District, presented a Team of Instructors from Agung Handicraf, Jogjakarta, which took place in the Hall of the Angkona Sub-District Head Office.

The Yonasti organizing committee said the IKM Center Training will be held until September 4, 2021 and will focus on making furniture and wood crafts (Handicraf).

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The goal is to increase knowledge and improve the competence of human resources (HR) of business actors and to hone skills so that they are able to produce quality products so that there is economic added value.

"This training is also in line with the work program of the East Luwu Dekranasda in an effort to improve/develop more varied East Luwu handicraft products," said Yonasti.

Meanwhile the Regent of East Luwu H. Budiman expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the cooperation and support of the team of instructors/resources who are experts in the field of furniture and wood crafts.

"Hopefully from this training there will be positive results obtained as we expected, namely how to develop small and medium industrial centers as one of the pillars of improving the economy of the people of East Luwu," said the Regent.

The Regent said, taking into account the vision and mission of regional development as well as the mission of developing a competitive and broad-based regional economy. It is hoped that the development of the IKM center will continue to be sustainable and become one of the supporters of achieving this mission.

"Training for IKM actors is also aimed at increasing the effectiveness of coaching for IKM and generating interest and motivation for the entrepreneurial spirit for trainees to keep trying," he said again.

Therefore, he hopes that the participants can take advantage of and follow this training material so that it can be applied to their own business so that the business can develop and have an impact on improving the economy.

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"Blessed are those who have the opportunity to take part in this training, may it be useful for themselves and their families and provide added value in increasing household economic resilience," said H. Budiman closing his remarks.

Finally, he also hopes that the production of this craft can be marketed so that the downstream process of this industry runs as expected, from raw materials to product marketing.

The opening of the training was also attended by the Head of the East Luwu Trananakerin Service, Aini Endis Anrika, and the Angkona Sub-District Head I Ketut Irawan Budiarta.

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