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The Environmentally Friendly Furniture Company from Banyuwangi

These various wooden handicraft products are products that have been ordered, and these handicrafts are products made from environmentally friendly materials.

The owner of UD ESA furniture, Haji Nanang Ismanto, who founded this company in 2000, told the editor (26 August 2021) that initially he focused on the export market through a third party domiciled in Bali. This company produces by order and almost 100 percent of its products are sold abroad, while only a few percent are sold domestically.

He further said that 'To sell its products abroad, this company produces based on orders from third parties with an advance payment system and a predetermined production period,' he said.

Armed with a network that has been built since its establishment, currently this environmentally friendly furniture company from Banyuwangi is able to survive the Covid-19 pandemic and can provide job opportunities for a number of its employees. domestically by order.

In order to stay afloat in the furniture industry, UD ESA continues to carry out a number of innovations, both in terms of product design and the company recruiting millennials, because the designs are expected to meet market tastes and in accordance with the times. In terms of price, Haji Nanang admits that he will not increase the selling price of their products, even though there are a number of components and raw materials that have increased. He considers that the current price is an agreement with a third party as the orderer, while the price increase is feared that it will damage the long-standing cooperation between them.

UD ESA is committed to always prospering its employees and not laying off workers even though the company is not full of orders like before the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully the covid outbreak will pass soon, and the company can rise up even better so that it can increase the income of its employees / craftsmen whose current income is much reduced.

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