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How to Start a Furniture Business

Furniture business or in terms that are more familiar in colloquial language, more commonly referred to as furniture, is one of the business opportunities with no small amount of capital but has the opportunity of extraordinary success.

Indeed, with the development of time and time, selling a wide variety of furniture for home appliances is a tremendous business opportunity. Moreover, supported by the increasingly densely populated population in Indonesia, as well as the power of their progress which is actually increasingly consumptive. This becomes a separate gap for those of you who are starting to glance at the Furniture business.

Furniture Business will always be there. The need for clothing, food and shelter is a staple of human life. While the growing age and era that is increasingly global is what makes tertiary needs also increase rapidly.

The need for shelter is getting higher, along with the increasing explosion of population, especially as in Indonesia today, it automatically has an impact on increasing the interest and demand of the community on this Furniture.

1. Business Capital

For some business people who are just starting out in the field of Furniture this might be a little difficult, especially because there is no experience at all in the field of Furniture. Different if someone who indeed has a lot of experience in the field of Furniture. however, it is never too late to try everything. Especially trying in terms of business.

Business capital for this business you can adjust. If you don't have money, try to become a reseller or sales furniture. This will give you experience, networking, and of course cash. If you are sure of your abilities, you can submit capital to the Bank.

2. Strategic Location

In starting a career as a Furniture entrepreneur, then what you really need to think about after capital and colleagues in starting a business is a strategic place. If someone says it's difficult to choose the right place to start a Furniture business, it really isn't. Because it's actually not difficult, just searching for the right location occasionally presents obstacles.

You can rent a strategic place just for display, it doesn't need to be an important area that is elegant and seems right for prospective customers. Warehouse and production do not have to be in a strategic place, next to the house.

A plus if you are able to rent a fairly large place. Because this also affects the interest of buyers in knowing and visiting your Furniture business.

Besides that, a crowded place, and more to the location around the city is a suitable place to start this Furniture business. with a crowded place going around the community, it will be easier to reach the attention of the community. And from that point, your store will begin to be known and visited by your prospective customers.

3. Cleverly Read Opportunities

Recently there has also been a proliferation of housing investments, with land that is not large enough but many new housing estates have been built. Well, it is one of the assets for those of you who are sensitive to business opportunities. Because it is able to reach the attention of consumers. They are your marketing targets to become consumers in your Furniture business. Never miss a chance.

In addition, if you can rent a room at the mall, you can also use it to start introducing more about your Furniture products. With capital brochures and business cards, you can introduce your Furniture business to a wider audience. Plus if there are several exhibitions, you can rent an area to be able to take part in the exhibition.

If there are many urban locations and many people passing around, you can also look for centers that sell Furniture. This will also have a positive impact for those of you who want to start a business in the field of Furniture.

So, the right and strategic location will greatly affect your career in flapping wings in the Furniture business.

4. Target Market Furniture

Now you must sort out the target market. If your target market is a bourgeoisie with a thick money. The right location is on the protocol road that is often passed by cars. The raw material must also be of good quality and really ready.

It's different if the target is the lower middle class. The quality of the raw material is No. 2 and the furniture has not been painted yet it is still selling well.

5. Raw material Furniture

Furniture business opportunities Use raw materials according to your target market. Adjust the expertise and price that you want to offer to the buyer. At least there are 3 types of raw materials that are widely used in Indonesia

a. medium Densitey fireboard.
Have you ever seen a study desk from a famous brand? The material is made from compacted sawdust and then coated with thin and smooth wood. This is a good and cheap choice for mass production.

b. Rattan.
This one ingredient is on the rise in the international market. Indonesia is also rich in this material. However, you need to do special training because not everyone can process rattan.

c. Wood.
This is a material that is in great demand by the public. The elegant shape also shows an expensive price.

6. Labor

Doing business in the field of furniture definitely requires labor. You can't handle it yourself. Providing clear instructions for employees but not curbing creativity is a must for you.

7. Government

Any business, especially what is clearly seen by the community is definitely dealing with the government. For example, you must have a legalitiy company. Immediately take care of it, instead of being fined later on.

You can also join in doing business with the government. If the value is more than 200 million, you can join the auction. If the value is lacking, we should use acquaintances and networks. Yes right, acquaintances and networks that we build from experience and hard work so far.

8. Association

Joining the association is important, especially if you are in a furniture city like Jepara. This content container can share the latest issues related to market conditions. In addition, you can also get new business opportunities from associate friends

9. Export

Furniture Business Have you taken care of legalities? Why not hesitate to export. Lots of people whose capital is tight but dare to export. You just have to be mentally prepared and smart. Just a little leak, the export is usually directly one container and the repayment is long. This is a good opportunity because not everyone dares to export.The export market is selling well. The main cause is winter in Europe. In winter, old furniture will be burned for the fireplace.

10. On line

Move to online. If it fails on Google, switch to Facebook. Use local or national reach so your sales are targeted.

The more you are serious and diligent in living a business. So with time, there will also be results that you can pick. One thing that should not make a businessman whole, namely despair. And one way that can be done for the Furniture business is to capture as many consumers as possible. One of the main assets in all business fields, including the furniture business is service. How do you service your customers, that's where your business opportunity report cards.

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