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Vintage Art Deco and Retro Furniture

I brought some beautifully restored antique furniture from my restorer, back to Singapore yesterday. Some parts have been seen to be ordered and will be delivered in the next few days. But those are still some beautiful pieces that I chose specifically for my customers based in Singapore, to give them a better choice of fully restored pieces. Below are some of those sections.

A vintage teak planter's chair fully restored with new cane

There are also some retro pieces of the '60s and the unrestored art deco pieces of the '50s that we got over the past week and a half. There are some of you who love them in their original condition, and we are glad the furniture was taken as it is. There is a certain charm about the non-restored part. It is as if a person who is aging with experience, or keeps memories, which makes the new owner imagine or compare with his own.

A beautiful rare art deco turntable/radiogram cabinet witha pull down drawer.

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