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Reclaimed Teak Fruniture Accessories

Do you own a piece of aged teak furniture and would like to find a teak vase, bowl, plantar or other accessory that will match with that charming silvery-grey colour or would you simply like to beautify your home with an antique-looking item? If the answer is yes, then you will be most certainly impressed by reclaimed teak accessories. These are also a perfect choice if you are worried about the future of our planet and would like to reduce your impact on the environment to the minimum. Let’s see why reclaimed teak accessories are a great choice.

Like their name suggests, reclaimed teak accessories are made of reclaimed teak also known as recycled teak. This means that reclaimed teak accessories are made of teak that has been acquired from old bridges, houses, ships and other structures and then carefully restored and reused. But why would you buy reclaimed teak accessories when those made of newly cut teak are less expensive?

Teak Vase

There are several good reasons why reclaimed teak accessories have become increasingly popular in the recent years. As already mentioned above, reclaimed teak accessories are eco-friendly because not a single teak tree has been cut down for their manufacture. Reclaimed teak accessories are made of teak wood that would be discarded anyway. However, since dismantling teak structures, selecting usable wood, restoring and finally reusing it is more expensive than simply cutting down a teak tree it is completely normal that reclaimed wood accessories are more expensive.

But reclaimed teak is not popular as eco-friendly material only. Many people are impressed by its unique appearance and the fact that it has a history. It is often acquired from structures that are more than 50 years old, while its unique aged look combined with modern designs gives it a unique appeal and character that simply is not there in new wood. Reclaimed teak accessories are very popular for enhancing the existing rustic decoration but it is also possible to find modern and classic designs which means that you can easily find a reclaimed teak accessory that will match to your home style.

Believe it or not but reclaimed teak is even more durable than newly harvested wood because it already has been exposed to all kinds of weather elements. A reclaimed teak accessory will not only look beautiful your entire lifetime but it will be also admired by the next generations to come which also makes it a great investment.

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