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Indonesian Furniture Hand made Teak and Mahogany

Indonesian Furniture - Hand made Teak, Mahogany and Rattan Quality Furniture

For the discerning  there is nothing like hand made Indonesian furniture, for your home, garden and indonesian furniture patio.

Fashionable rattan furniture and wicker furniture for the home and patio. Mahogany furniture and  Teak furniture for your living room, bedroom, or dinning room.

Amongst our many products are hand made solid wood beds, chairs, benches, dining tables, sofas,  steamer chairs, and coffee tables. Bamboo furniture, bamboo outdoor furniture, reproduction mahogany furniture, mahogany dining furniture, mahogany bedroom furniture, antique mahogany furniture, rattan bedroom furniture, rattan patio furniture, wicker furniture, sea grass furniture, abaca furniture,  teak outdoor furniture, teak patio furniture, teak garden furniture and teak root furniture. Many of these items may be seen on our Showroom Page which displays furniture in our partners furniture shop in Spain, and supplied by us.

Seagrass, Abaca and Water Hyacinth Furniture

Contemporary Furniture in Seagrass,  Abaca, or  Water Hyacinth are popular for the home and patio. This furniture is made from the fiber of the respective plants, which are de-pulped, and then  sun or mechanically dried. Seagrass and Abaca furniture is woven  over  timber or rattan frames. 

Bamboo, Coconut Wood, Recycled Teak and Teak Root Furniture

In bedrooman effort to preserve the plantation wood that is  grown in Indonesia. We are manufacturing  bamboo, coconut wood, recycled teak and teak root furniture. This requires its own special technique  when compared to manufacturing teak and mahogany furniture. Please see our page on Bamboo Furniture. - and if interested our Production page.

Recycled teak wood is obtained from old buildings and it makes very high quality teak wood furniture, - as the timber can be 80 plus years in age and which has been sourced from mature teak trees. We have high demand for this type of furniture so why not find out more about it?

Decorative Items and Handicrafts

We supply a wide range of decorative items and handicraft to our clients. These items are often used to fill up any empty spaces in a container of furniture, and there for can be delivered at a zero shipping cost to our buyers. 

There is an almost endless list of items that are available, ranging from hand made carvings, pots, plates, vases, cloth, garden vases, figures, hand bags, brass beds, statues, and other decorative items and handicraft. Please go to our Decorative items page, and also see our Brass Furniture page, and  Native hand woven bags,  also the page showing cushion Fabric.

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