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Antique Solid Teak Wood Bed King Size

We had a recent opportunity to make a king size bed for a young woman, not a first for us. While he has space restrictions in his personal condo, he won't be made up of beds. It should be the size of the king. Fond of medieval modern furniture, she wanted a bed that was in line with the retro spirit of the 60s, yet relatively modern and stylish to fit her modern apartment. Below is a specially designed bed that we made specially for You.

We are very proud of the fact, that every piece of wood - from the head of the master bed to the base piece of wood - is made from antique solid teak wood with beautiful wood veins that only old teak wood has. To ensure the stability of the pointed legs, which are characteristic of medieval furniture of the 60s, we added the middle legs to support and align with the other legs. 

The slightly sloping head of the bed is supported to the main frame by a matt black solid metal specially made and specially made for the bed. The toes of the foot of the bed were slightly raised enough to hold the mattress. And the sides are fuss-free without a characteristic ledge. The overall result is a solid teak wood bed yet with light and simple features, in keeping with the modern medieval and stylish spirit for a modern apartment.

We can also make queen beds, super single and single with antique solid teak wood. But for those who prefer real antique beds, we have several art deco and retro style beds from the 50s and 60s, all made of beautiful solid teak wood. They will come with recovery. They are mostly queen, super single and single bed. Somehow, we hardly found a vintage bed in king size.

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