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Antique Oak Furniture And Repair

Antique Oak Furniture

XVII century is considered to be the Age of Oak. In other words, the most part of original antique oak furniture were created at this period of time. This wood is hard to carve and very heavy, but on the other hand, the furniture which are made of this material are durable. By the way, woodworm don't like very much this wood, so the most part of the antique oak furniture has remained till our times.

Nowadays a lot of different companies offer you to purchase the antique furniture online. Just visit various sites and choose what you really like. The other question is that you should not buy the antique oak furniture, if you don't see it with your own eyes. In other words, you need to check that there will be no wood worms, scrapes and other defects that, on the other hand, may “help” you to get a lower price for this piece of antique oak furniture.

As usual, at that times only rich people could afford to buy such expensive pieces of furniture and their houses or even castles were, of course, larger than our modern flats. So, the antique oak furniture, which were created just for them are also very big. The price of the antique oak furniture depends on its size, because it is not very easy to find a small piece of antique dining room furniture.

Perhaps, you may find antique oak furniture of any period, whether you prefer French, English or American style. Buying the furniture which are made of this wood, you may be sure that you will be surrounded only with ecological clean things, and, probably, in our time of technological advance it is rather important.

By the way, you may choose among the great variety of antique reproduction furniture, and these pieces of furniture are cheaper. So, if the design is the most important thing for you and you don't want to look for the original pieces of furniture, this service is just for you.

Antique Furniture Repair

All we dream to have our own place, the nook where we can just relax and be at the atmosphere of calmness and happiness. Some people adore antique Chinese or English furniture, but it is not so easy to care about it, and, by the way, as usual we may just recollect about these things when they are already damaged. So, what should you do if you want to use your antique oak furniture for a long while?

Nowadays you may find a lot of companies which offer you the antique furniture repair. So, don't be in despair if you spoil your favorite buffet or wardrobe. These companies offer you to repair fire, water ant pet damage. They also may replace some parts and reinforce loose joints.

One of the main purposes of the antique furniture repair companies is to preserve the beauty of original piece of furniture. So, you may turn to these companies if just want to clean or polish your antique Victorian furniture, but don't really know how to do this and are afraid to damage your favorite pieces of furniture.

What should you do if you find insects in your furniture? It is not very easy to get rid of them, so the antique furniture repair service also will be useful for you in this case. So, you should check your antique oak furniture regularly, in order to prevent exit holes or sawdust.

You should also follow several simple rules, that will help you to save your antique furniture repair for a long while. So, first of all, you should notice that the heat is harmful for the antique pine furniture as well as humidity. Avoid placing the antique furniture repair near air conditioning, an oven or in front of the sunlight. Don't keep your furniture in such humid place as a garret.

The other basic rule of the antique furniture repair is to avoid using oil as a polishing for the pieces of furniture. Wax is the thing, which really helps you to make your favorite furniture more gorgeous and shining. But you should not use a lot of wax, and wipe properly the remains. Don't be too zealous, while wiping, or you may leave scrapes. So, do everything gently and without fuss. 

Antique Furniture Care Tips

Antique bedroom or office furniture brings elegance and comfort to your house. You may pretend that you are in times of nobles, princess and knights. By the way, this style of furniture, perhaps, is the most prestigious one. These things really look very wealthy and bring the inspiration. But you should notice that the antique furniture care differs from the methods you use for modern pieces of furniture.

Don't use any polishes, fasteners or finishes, because it may lead to the damage of the antique oak furniture in the future. Perhaps, the pieces of furniture of this style should be inherited by the generations, so try and present for your English antique furniture a “long life”. The following antique furniture care tips will help you a lot.

So, first of all keep the antique office furniture away form the windows, or just use the curtains, in order to prevent the sunlight influence on the furniture. Sunlight is damaging for its wood, fabrics and glossy finish.

You also should avoid heating or air conditioning vents, stoves, fireplaces and radiators. The heat is also not very good for the antique furniture care. It may lead to loosen joints and inlays.

The high humidity may lead to insect infestation or rot, which are not so easy to get rid of. So, we offer you to use a humidifier or dehumidifier, according to the “problem” you need to solve. This antique furniture care will help you to prevent any damaging effects.

We have already mentioned about different insects, that can make “a house” from your favorite pieces of furniture. Of course, you need to provide all the precautions, but what should you do if you have already found these “little dwellers” in your furniture? Well, we have to disappoint you, but it is not very easy to “save” your furniture. So, follow several antique furniture rules and don't let the insects damage your favorite chest of drawers. Of course, we have already told you about humidity, but dirt and oils are also favorable conditions for different insects.

Some people think that oil is the best antique furniture care, if you want to prevent drying. Well, it is not true and the only thing you should do in this case is just not to keep the antique furniture in the dry hot place.

Wax help you in finish antique furniture care. But dampen the cloth slightly, in order to protect your antique French furniture form scratches. But you should be aware that wax may not be appropriate for some antique furniture care, so consult with a furniture restoration professional about the antique furniture care.

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