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Acehnese Carving Artists Get Knowledge and Experience To Jepara

At least ten Acehnese carving artists consisting of carving practitioners, teachers of carving in secondary schools, carving entrepreneurs and craft teaching staff at the Indonesian Institute of Cultural Arts in Aceh conducted benchmarking to Jepara.

This time visiting tourist villages and self-sufficient carving villages in Jepara, namely Petekeyan Village, Tahunan, Jepara Regency, Central Java, as the location for the three-day activity, 22-24 July 2022.

The carving art communities from Aceh were officially welcomed by the Head of the Jepara Regency Tourism and Culture Office, the Zamroni Service and their heads and ranks.

“The art of carving in Jepara has developed for hundreds of years and is still alive and well preserved for generations. Jepara carving products have become global, have entered the Asian and European markets," said Zamroni at a friendly meeting with the Acehnese art community in Jepara, Central Java, Saturday, July 24, 2022.

According to Zamroni, according to the history of the carving art elders of Jepara, Aceh and Jepara also have a strong emotional bond, where the carver of one of the kingdoms in the Jepara region came from Aceh.

"He is a young man of Acehnese blood who settled and eventually became the royal family of the kingdom. He is known as Prince Tohir or Sultan Syarif," he admitted.

The Head of the Aceh Culture and Tourism Office through the Head of Language and Arts, Nurlaila Hamjah, said that Aceh has a magnificent carving heritage with its own philosophy and meaning in each of its sculptures, full of Acehnese values ​​and historical messages, because the carvings in Aceh is the result of the acculturation of the cultures of various nations who once stopped in Aceh.

Nurlaila hopes that in the future, Aceh's carving arts will continue to develop and become a center of study for the world as a barometer for carving craft artists in their work.

"Aceh is rich in various carvings and ornamental arts as a form of cultural development from generation to generation," added Nurlaila as the benchmarking coordinator for Aceh's carving artists.

In this activity, Acehnese carving artists had a dialogue with carving artists in Jepara, such as the carving association, pokdarwis administrators, carvers, and officials from the village of petekeyan regarding the existence of carving and the carvers there.

The carvers in Jepara make the art of carving as one of the jobs that can support the family's economy, every house we can see business land and carving products.

Some are in the form of piles of wood, various raw furniture, semi-finished and ready-to-use and ready-to-sell products are also available.

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