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A Classic and Antique Workbench From America

There is a classic and antique workbench from America. The shape and design are as in the picture. This workbench was issued by Broyhill Premier Sculptra on craigslist. This table is called the Sculptra table, which looks like this:

Broyhill Premier introduced the Sculptra collection in 1957 and continued to make it until the early into the mid-60s. Broyhill may be best known for their Brasilia line but they have a long history.

In the 1950s, Broyhill realized that people's furniture tastes in America were shifting. In those days, buyers of furniture at prices were looking for large sizes and elaborate decorations, but the company's executives felt that sophisticated style and quality were becoming more important. In 1957, in an effort to meet this demand, the company established the Broyhill Premier line. The old Lenoir Chair Company's factory was handed over to produce these pieces, and a separate auxiliary sales force of 30 people was established. 

In addition, Broyhill began to institute a quality control program, complete with laboratories, to ensure that its Premier products lived up to its name. In 1958, Broyhill started an expensive national advertising campaign to support the introduction of its Premier Furniture product.

Although this new company was accepted by consumers, it did not make significant profits until the 1960s. Broyhill added upholstered products to its Premier line, as the concept began to bring in revenue. After the Premier line was established, the company grouped the remaining products under the label 'Lenoir House', which includes a variety of mid-priced and medium-priced bedroom and dining room furniture that make up the lion's share of the company's sales.

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