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Bathroom mirror is one of the key elements in the interior design

Bathroom mirror is one of the key elements in the interior design. She has many important responsibilities. In addition to the practical function, it must be a worthy decoration of the interior, tone up and fill it with light bounced. Therefore, the selection of the beauty of the reflector must be fully considered.

Bathroom belongs to the number of rooms in the House, which is characterized by high humidity. This also has the effect of disasters on the mirror, which use aluminium reflective layer as an amalgam.

Mirror in the bathroom should not fear the effects of the deposition of the steam and moisture. If framed, then frame materials must also be different in the resilience of the moisture. If not, an expensive purchase will turn into disappointment.

Ideal for bathroom design is a mirror, made using silver amalgam materials which is an alloy of mercury with lead, zinc and silver.

The surface of the mirror with a silver coating has excellent optical properties. Very smooth surface generates images without any distortion.

You can try ordering a mirror with amalgam in which gold is added. Called  "Venice's mirror", the secret of making a secret glaze by experts for several centuries. Mirror mirror-this is the street and made to order.

In a modern interior, the following can be used as a basis:
  • Silicate glass materials is famous because of the nature of reflection are nice, but different because the crack are increasing. To eliminate this disadvantage by choosing tempered glass high impact as the base of the mirror.
  • Plexiglass is a plastic mirror, which is a type of synthetic polymers. Covered with acrylic amalgam has mirror on 98%. Reflective polymer 5-6 times stronger than regular glass.
Acrylic products has expanded in interior decoration.

Significant losses of Plexiglas is power had engineer. With a careless handling on the surface, there may be scratches, which is almost impossible to be eliminated.

The surface of the mirror has an uncanny ability to reflect the object in the opposite direction, doubling the space. This technique is often used by designers, apply reflective surface as much as possible in the design of bathrooms.

The mirror is located at a certain angle or opposite to each other, creating effects of expanding visual space. With the help of a plane mirror, you can create the illusion of space, with skilled to hide flaws in planning. For example: to  "change " rectangular shower into a square space, enough to put a reflective surface along the walls.

In addition to the suspended over the sink, mirrors and cabinets decorated with reflective glass doors, in modern bathrooms you can see panels decorated with wall mirrors and doors.

decorate the front door inset mirrors some – and a small but comfortable bathroom will look brighter and more spacious

the mirror wall has the ability to obscure the box, creating the illusion of infinite space and fill it with freedom and ease. Give the authenticity of the interior able to mirror panel plitochek.

Regardless of the setting of the traditional pieces of the tiles may spread on the diagonal, in the form of brick or in vertical design. plate mirrors can even be used instead of the usual plastic shower screens.

From the bathroom mirror is mounted on the outer wall panel design just benefits and does not seem complicated and dull.

Use a mirror or mosaic panels can even visually raise the ceiling. They are ideal for the face part of the complex configuration. Keep in mind that it should not be excessive! If it is not easy to get the opposite effect, creating a sense of closure.

Making the interior mirror, keep in mind that the surface reflects the double of what it gets in their point of view-from drops of water to get fingerprints on the surface. Therefore, for large glass surfaces, care must be more careful.

To better select bathroom products with layers of moisture-resistant, a thickness not less than 4.3 mm. rear Wall in the mirror like vlagoottalkivayuschey Films are also discussed.

Some of the craftsmen to protect the wrong side of the mirror cover him with oil-based paint or the composition of the melt, which is made of two parts one part turpentine and beeswax.

When buying a product, check the integrity of the surface needs to be flat:, without chipping, scratching and mechanical damage. Bubble and bulge at the layer considered marriage.

the mirror can be represented in the sale: without a frame;
with the end of falsetto; framed with a baguette. Particular attention should be given to the frame of the product. High humidity conditions are tolerated well by the mold made from aluminum, polistiren, chrome plated metal frame. Products with the falsetto, overseas by imitating the elegant frame, can be harmoniously entered to any interior.

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