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Central Java Again Exports Leading Products Worth IDR 343 Billion

Semarang - Central Java released the export of various superior products with an export value of IDR 343 billion. The export release was carried out at PT Always Cinta Indonesia (SCI) in Salatiga City and involved 14 companies that took part in the delivery of furniture, briquettes, processed foods, coconut sugar, footwear and pipes. The destination countries include the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, India, Belgium, Poland, Canada, Italy and Singapore.

"This is part of the spirit, that at the end of the year we are not sluggish, we are still looking for solutions so that we can exist in trading," said Governor Ganjar Pranowo, quoted from the page, Friday, December 24, 2021.

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Governor Ganjar, who also took part in releasing exports, said the exports were proof of the pandemic that did not prevent Central Java from continuing to boost exports of superior products to various countries in the world.

Ganjar also expressed his gratitude to all parties who supported the smooth export of Central Java's superior products to various countries. He asked all companies and exporters of Central Java to remain enthusiastic and not give up.

“Even during the discussion, I received a complaint about the difficulty of containers, because many ports in the world have not opened them properly. Later we will find a solution, so that they can continue to run the economy," said Ganjar.

According to him, the current pandemic situation has begun to improve. By doing so, it is hoped that this export activity can be a spirit for the economic revival of Central Java. He supports a number of companies in Central Java to remain active and maintain good industrial relations harmony, including maintaining a conducive investment climate.

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“This makes us all comfortable. Let's take care of it, because if the climate is complicated and the collision continues, the atmosphere will definitely be bad," he said.

The Director General of Consumer Protection and Trade Order at the Ministry of Trade, Veri Anggriono Sutiarto, said that he would routinely carry out export activities at the end of the year. According to Veri, export performance, especially from Central Java, really supports the national trade balance.

"We thank the Governor of Central Java and all ranks, exporters and regents and mayors who continue to support investment in Central Java. Thus, the export value of Central Java entrepreneurs is always high and supports the performance of the trade balance," said Veri.

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