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KADIN Business Transformation in 2021

Jakarta - The Minister of National Development Planning gave a speech at KADIN with the theme "Business Transformation Facing Pandemic-Towards Sustainable Business". The event is held virtually on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

At the beginning of his remarks, the Minister said that almost all companies survive in crisis conditions by digitization. The results of a survey by the World Bank and Bappenas in 2020 show that most companies are digitizing the internet, social media and digital platforms to survive the pandemic.

"Therefore, transformation is an important company need to answer future challenges, "said the Minister.

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The intenden transformation is business transformation towards sustainability. The minister said, 4 out of 10 companies (40%) in the group of 250 largest global companies have adopted Sustainable Business principles in their annual reports.

According to the WBCSD survey of 250 global company profiles in 43 countries related to SDGs, revealed 12% did not know SDGs in the company's business processes, 24% planned to mainstream SDGs in their future corporate strategy, 41% had integrated SDGs into corporate strategy, and 44 % have started analyzing the relationship between SDGs and corporate strategy.

"Creating Shared Value (CSV) as a new business approach is an approach to recognize and capitalize the relationship between social and economic progress which has the power to face the global growth wave and redefine capitalism," said the Minister.

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The Minister added that companies can contribute to the achievement of TPB / SDGs by transforming their business by maximizing the value of their competition, including raising social and environmental issues in their Sustainability Report.

The Minister gave an example that PLN had mapped the company's alignment with the TPB / SDGs in the 2018 PLN Sustainability Report.

"The key to future business success is the ability to transform and adapt," concluded the Minister.

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