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Jiffina 2020 Exhibition Showcase Products Environmentally Friendly

The Jogja International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia (Jiffina) 2020 exhibition is expected to showcase products that are more environmentally friendly.

Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan HB X hopes that Jiffina this year could be an economic booster in Yogyakarta and Central Java while boosting the sluggish world furniture market and impacting the growth of furniture SMEs in Java and Bali.

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In addition, Jiffina 2020 is expected to also have an impact on other industrial sectors, both upstream and downstream and other services. For Yogyakarta, aside from being a home base, the exhibition is also very strategic.

The Sultan hopes that the various environmentally friendly criteria will be applied to the products on display at Jiffina. Because if not, then Indonesia will be further behind similar products from Vietnam which are the main competitors of domestic products. Actors must work together to anticipate change more and not to rely on individual work. On the other hand, Sri Sultan asked furniture business people not to only rely on low prices, because it would be quickly eliminated when compared to products from abroad that entered with more quality.

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Special Themes

The Director General of Small and Medium Industries and Miscellaneous (IKMA) Ministry of Industry Gati Wibawaningsih assesses the strengths of Jiffina 2020 there is a special theme about lifestyle so that they have thought about how to process raw materials more efficiently. Not only to increase productivity but also to meet the needs that are currently in great demand by consumers.

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The efficient step of the material, he said, could be done by combining wood with several materials such as plastic, copper or metal. According to him, market demand for the combination of these ingredients is indeed not too much even though efforts to blend the ingredients have started several years ago.

Head of the Jiffina 2020 Committee Endro Wardoyo said the Jiffina 2020 will be held for three days at the Jogja Expo Center (JEC), from 14-17 March 2020.

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