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CNC: Wood Carving Machines to Increase Productivity

Digital technology moves wood carving machines automatically, much in demand by carving craftsmen because it can increase productivity but does not present the taste of the carving artist.

One of the most sophisticated technology products to help make wood carvings that are in great demand by craftsmen, is the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) woodcarver.
One of the carving products on display at the International Furniture Manufacturing Component (IMAC) event last year, is a wood carving entrance with an archipelago pattern.

These engravings have a high degree of difficulty. By using CNC, it only takes a week, with a 24-hour long shift system.

PT Kembar Aji's Engineering Division staff, Abdul Azis, said that the operation of the machine was done using a computer and automatically, making the duration of wood carving time could be made shorter.

For example, carving the door, explained Abdul, can be finished one week in long shift, by 4 craftsmen. Meanwhile, if done manually, by 4-5 people for 3-4 months will not be completed even longer.

This CNC machine, can be used to carve various types of products, ranging from door carvings, interior and exterior decoration, wood panels, boards, glass frames, wall hangings, musical instruments, home furnishings, and others.

The advantage of this product, is its automatic work system, and can work on various engravings with a high degree of difficulty but with a good level of precision. As a machine that operations using a computer, making the work with the same pattern with consistent carvings. And, high quality and can increase factory productivity.

The way the machine works is very easy, Abdul Azis explained, input the pattern of product images that will be carved into the computer, in the NC Studio program settings, which are in the default engine. Furthermore, the machine automatically runs its own way to carve wood according to the engraving pattern input.

Engraving that can be made by a CNC machine, in addition to two-dimensional engraving, is also capable of producing three-dimensional engraving. Woodcarver machine, marketed in Indonesia at a price of US $ 25 thousand or around Rp 350 million.

A carved calligraphy of a chair, produced for a room divider, is sold at Rp. 25 million, there are still many three-dimensional carvings such as the Ramayana story with a size of 1 × 2 m2 sold at a price of 20 million. All of these products, can be made with CNC Machines with a faster duration of time.

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